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The First of Many New Year's Celebrations


December 31, 1940 New Year’s Gala


Fairview Gardens
The very first major event held in Detroit was a New Year’s celebration on December 31, 1940. It was held at Mike E’s home with about 20 members along with their spouse or guest, so roughly there were forty people in attendance.

For the 1941 celebration it was moved to the Fairview Gardens located at Mack Ave and Fairview Ave. This facility held boxing matches there from November 1, 1937 thru May 27, 1942, and then eventually this location would become a venue for Detroit “Big Time” wrestling and finally becoming a roller ring rink.

1-1-1941 Detroit News Article

In 1944, they were still holding their New Year’s celebration at the Fairview Gardens, but they had gotten to the point of outgrowing it and would have to figure something out. In the same year the city began to hold no-alcoholic parties for young people at the Moose Lodge.

Through 1942 to 1945 the parties were smaller because of the ban on large gatherings, but we did party with our Vernors and Stroh’s Ice Cream and the gatherings continued to grow and we became shining examples on how people could celebrate without drinking.

1945 Detroit News Article Pg 1
In 1948, this celebration became so enormous that it could not be held at any one place, with so many parties going on. So this year it appears would be the last year. The celebration would be broken up into a half a dozen smaller affairs with the two largest being held in Highland Park and Farmington Hills.  

The total amount was 2000 people, with largest holding 500 people. There were sober people attending with six months to ten years. The youngest attending was nineteen years old and that his first drink lasted two years. Mike E. mentioned he was on skid row for fifteen years before coming into the program.

1945 Detroit News Article Pg 2

There were so many big events that went on in 1948, including Bill W. speaking here in January, Dr. Bob S. speaking in November with 3000 in attendance at both events and the beginning of the Gratitude meeting the members of the time to discontinue this event.

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