There are many myths and urban legends about a non-alcoholic “member” of Alcoholics Anonymous in the metro-Detroit area. We hope this clears up many views.

Sarah Klein, a non-alcoholic, had received one of the earliest copies of the “Big Book” which contained the story of Alcoholics Anonymous in April, 1939. It held the instructions for a program of recovery from alcoholism. She was so impressed by what she read that she wrote to the Alcoholic Foundation in New York City. In her letter, she inquired how they intended to put into practice that which they had wrote in the book. The Foundation had sent her a reply that they had a member in Akron that would be returning to Detroit about mid-summer. The Foundation also sent a letter to Archie Trowbridge recovering at Dr. Bob’s home and informed him that they had received a letter of request from someone in Detroit. Of course he assumed that S. Klein was not only an alcoholic, but also a man. Archie came home July 10, 1939 and immediately contacted S. Klein.

“Angel of A.A.”


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