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Want to volunteer for the 2020 Int'l Convention? Save the date 2/8/20 for the "Volunteers meeting" See Flyer for details

Assembly Meeting

Meetings are held at:
Madison Place
876 Horace Brown Dr.
Madison Heights, MI. 48071

10am - Service Manual Study | 11am - GSR Orientation | 11:30am - Lunch | 12pm - Business Meeting

January 20January 19January 17January 16January 15
February 17February 16February 21February 20February 19
March 10March 15March 14March 13March 12
April 14April 19April 11April 10April 16
May 12May 10May 9May 8May 14
June 16June 21June 20June 19June 18
July 21July 19July 18July 17July 16
August 18August 16August 15August 21August 20
September 15September 20September 19September 18September 17
October 13October 11October 10October 9October 8
November 17November 15November 21November 20November 19
December 8December 13December 12December 11December 10

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