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Plain Language Big Book FAQs


Hello All,

There has been some confusion surrounding the development of a plain language Big Book.

I have attached the most up-to-date information for your review.

Please share this with your groups and districts to ensure that the Fellowship is better informed.

Thank you!

In Love and Service
Jan V.
Panel 73 Delegate Area33
Public Information

74th General Service Conference Agenda Topics


As you may or may not know, AA’s 74th General Service Conference is rapidly approaching — April 14-20, 2024 in Brooklyn, NY.

Important matters that affect AA as a whole are identified, reviewed, discussed, and decided at the GSC every year.   For example, the 71st GSC in 2021 changed the wording of the AA Preamble.   The time since has shown that AAs have strong and varied opinions about this topic.

The below documents outline the agenda topics for the 74th GSC for your review.

Though none of this year’s topics appear likely to generate the strong opinions that we saw with the Preamble, all of them are important to the continued functioning of “AA as a whole.”

For example:

  • TBD (Alt-/Delegate ID’d topic #1)
  • TBD (Alt-/Delegate ID’d topic #2)
  • TBD (Alt-/Delegate ID’d topic #3)

Participating in Pre-Conference (on 3/10/2024) and/or Michigan Mock Conference (on 3/23/2024) formulates Area 33’s group conscience about these matters.  These events prepare Area 33’s Delegate to represent that group conscience effectively.