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A warm welcome was extended to the body at large.

74th General Service Conference

The agenda items are out for the 74th Conference. All are urged to attend our Area Pre-Conference on March 10th and the 2024 Michigan Mock Conference on March 23rd. This is where your voices are heard.

You will be able to find the Conference material on the Area website in the Delegate’s Corner. Feedback regarding the information is encouraged.

Professional Area Inventory

We are planning a professional Area Inventory that will be facilitated by a non-objective person. They will gather the information from the inventory and provide us with unbiased feedback to improve Area 33.

Increasing Participation & Contributions

GSO General Manager Bob W. sent a letter that discussed the increased participation and contributions not only in the month of December, but also the YTD.

The reduction in literature sales and profits has been the driving factor in the recent loss of income. Our groups, our area, and AA as a whole will not function unless our services are sufficient and our bills are paid. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

March Roundup Coming Soon!

MRU is right around the corner. Please register (if you haven’t already) and join us!

Delegates Past & Present Conference

A few of us traveled last weekend to Muncie, Indiana to the conference of Delegates Past & Present. Our Past Delegate, Cynthia B., Panel 69 chaired the event and did a great job!

Reminder to Committee Chairs & Members

  • If you chair a committee that also has a state committee, you are expected to attend the quarterly Statewide meeting.
  • One final note – if you want to post something on social media, please run it by your Committee Chair first. We want to ensure that all information that is posted is accurate and factual.

Jan V.
Area 33 Delegate

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