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2020 International Convention

June 24 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

2020 International Convention Volunteer Welcome Subcommittees

Greetings from the 2020 International Convention Volunteer Welcome Core Committee!  We are excited as we begin plans for the convention and look forward to working with AA members throughout Area 33.  The role of the Volunteer Welcome Committee is to reinforce the joy of sobriety at the 2020 International Convention. This is accomplished by extending the hand of A.A. to all International Convention guests – A.A.s and non-A.A.s.

The Volunteer Welcome Committee’s primary responsibility is to help guests participate in the A.A. events from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. This includes being able to assist with housing and transportation questions or general inquiries such as “Where is the nearest washroom?” or “Where is ‘lost and found’?”  The Volunteer Welcome Committee will communicate by example the joy of sobriety to all who attend A.A.’s 85th birthday celebration in 2020 in Detroit.

Beginning in January, 2020 our volunteer website will be launched, allowing volunteers to sign up for subcommittee(s) and shifts.  Our full volunteer committee will have approximately 4,500 members!  Please pass the word and sign up when it is time so we can work together to provide an awesome experience for AA members around the world!  See below for more information about the variety of ways you can be of service.

~ In dedicated service, your Volunteer Welcome Core Committee

Carlyle W., Bob C., Christine H.


Subcommittee Descriptions:

Convention Center Greeters – Volunteers will welcome guests at the COBO Center as well as directing traffic within the Convention Center from Wednesday morning through Saturday evening.
Foreign Languages – Volunteers will staff a special booth from Wednesday morning through Sunday morning to help ensure the comfort and convenience of guests for whom English is not a native language. The booth is in the Convention Center, and will be accessible by phone.
Ford Field Greeters – Volunteers will greet visitors arriving for the three large meetings scheduled at the stadium Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Guest Welcome and Volunteer Headquarters Room – Volunteers on this small committee will be staffing the volunteer headquarters at the Convention Center as well as attending to details of welcoming special guests (non-AA professional guests) as needed.
Hotel Lobby Greeters – Volunteers will staff information tables in hotel lobbies in downtown Detroit and in key suburban hotel sites from Thursday morning until Saturday evening.
Marathon Meetings – Volunteers will chair and host the various marathon meetings from Thursday evening to Sunday morning.
Registration – Some of these volunteers will staff the registration area in COBO Center. They may provide badge holders and information packets to those who are pre-registered. Others may staff the information tables for questions about the Convention. A third set of volunteers may assist the professional firm handling on-site registration.
Shuttle Bus Greeters – Volunteers will be stationed at convention shuttle bus service drop-off and pickup points at peak hours from Thursday morning to Sunday early afternoon to help all Convention attendees using Bus Services to and from convention hotels, the Convention Center and Ford Field.
Sidewalk Greeters and Thursday Night Event in the Park – Volunteers will be stationed at the Downtown Core and on sidewalks near the nexus of Convention activities from Thursday afternoon until Saturday evening.
Accessibilities – These volunteers will be a source of information for physically challenged and other individuals who feel the need for additional support. Their booth is in the Convention Center, and they will also be present at the Ford Field for the Big Speaker Meetings.
Topic Meeting Greeters & Counters – These volunteers will greet members as they attend the topic meetings during the day Friday and Saturday in the COBO Center, and provide estimated counts of the numbers of participants.
Transportation Hub Greeters – These volunteers will greet our visitors at the airport, train stations, and bus depots. They will guide them toward transportation to their local destinations.
Volunteer Kick-Off Meeting & Training Orientation – Volunteers will help set up and organize the official start of the 2020 International Convention Volunteer Welcome Committee activities. The goal of the Kick-Off Meeting is to provide information about the volunteer process and to sign up volunteers for the various subcommittees. The May Training is the orientation meeting for volunteers.
Central Office Liaison – The Welcome Core Committee assigns a liaison to the local central office. The liaison attends Welcome Committee meetings and keeps the Central Office up to date on International Convention activities.


June 24
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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