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It has been 14 months since the Detroit News had introduced a new method of recovery in Detroit. In the Sunday Free Press August 3, 1941, it explains how this new “club” of alcoholics helps other alcoholics to refrain from drinking.

The article explains the first three steps to recovery. The article goes on to explain how important it is for one alcoholic to help another alcoholic.

It goes on to tell the story of an alcoholic. He is a man who a few years earlier was worth over two million dollars (this was 1941), he had a family of six, but had lost it all and now was living in a flop house on skid row.

He was at a pawn shop on Michigan Ave about ready to pawn his overcoat for a few dollars to be able to buy a drink. He was 12th Stepped by a recovering alcoholic and urged to find a power greater than himself.


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