Area Standing Committees



The Area Standing Committees are designed to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous in specific ways to the still-suffering alcoholic. Some of the committees may do so through direct contact with the public, the professional community, the website, literature, or through the prison system. The Area Members elect a Committee Chair every 2 years. Some committees have only the Chair as the lone member, while others have many members on their committee. A number of committees have regularly scheduled meetings where members come together to discuss how they will go about fulfilling the duties of their committee. The majority of the committees, however, are looking for volunteers. If you are interested, check out the committee page on the website or ask one of the officers at the Area Assembly meeting and they will be able to direct you.



(248) 274-6055

Our purpose is to seek out niches where we can provide to the Alcoholic with accessibility issues, every opportunity to gain access to the A.A. message of Recovery, Unity and Service. Interpreters for the Deaf, guidance for the blind, and  accommodation for the recovering Alcoholics with ambulatory issues.

Help for anyone who encounters a barrier between them and the A.A. message, whether you are a veteran, or elderly, if the barrier is of the educational, psychological, ethnic, or physical.

Whatever kind of help is needed to access A.A. meetings or materials, contact Accessibilities.

Language assistance - In-home meetings and hospital visits - Adapted materials such as the Big Book in ASL DVD, CD audio format or in Braille

This committee meets at 10am on the same morning as Area 33 Assembly meetings. 

Currently meeting virtually: Zoom ID. 957-936-2226   Zoom password 582011

Accessibilities Chair Simon J.



Preserves the history of AA in Area 33 by collecting all written records and by taping interviews with AA members.

Invites groups and districts to start archives and write histories; displays the archives at the March Round-Up, State Convention, Workshops, and as requested.

We need your help in updating the Archives; if you have information or materials regarding group (history form), District committee (history form) or even Area 33 Committee (history form) please submit it to the Archives Committee at one of the email addresses listed below, or mail in the form. Please print, complete and send the form to Area 33 General Service of Southeast Michigan, 24225 W. Nine Mile Rd. Suite 128, Southfield, MI 48033.

Archivist Bill T. -

Visit our History Page

The Archives Committee's Business Meeting is held:

First Sat of the month at 11:00 AM
Area office, 24225 W. Nine Mile Rd., Suite 128, Southfield, MI. 48033

Archives Chair Denell B.  -



The purpose of the Corrections Committee of General Service of Southeast Michigan-Area 33 is to carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to the still suffering inmate; be it man, woman, or child, whether confined in a federal or state prison, county jail, 3/4 house, youth home detention center, or newly released.

Our aim is to involve A.A. volunteers as chair people for meetings inside the facilities, as correspondents to inmates unable to attend meetings, and as community contacts for inmates upon their release. It is equally important that our A.A. volunteers visit outside A.A. groups at the local and district levels, as well as area and inter-group offices, thereby furthering our volunteer network, thus expanding our donation base of used and new literature which carries our A.A. message to those inside these facilities.

To continue our Twelfth Step work in carrying the message, we remain committed to ensuring the lines of communication between A.A. and the correctional facilities remain open so we may continue to share our experience & knowledge from the program, and to cooperate with the individual facilities to enable the A.A. message of hope to be present now and in the future.


The Corrections Committee's Business Meeting is held:

The 2nd Sunday of each month at 10a.m. and the contact information for the zoom is 633 450 5802 and the password is H4WGy7

Corrections Chair Debbie B. -



Focuses on "cooperation, but not affiliation" with professionals in the community: Educators, Physicians, the Clergy, Court officials, and others who are often in contact with alcoholics.

Distributes the appropriate literature to the professional community as needed.

AA World Services offers AA literature online. AA Literature

The CPC Committee's Business Meeting is held:

At 10:00 AM before each Area Assembly

Location: 876 Horace Brown Dr. Madison Heights, Mi [MAP]

CPC Chair Jeff R. -



Maintains a collection of AA conference approved films and videos to be displayed at AA functions as requested.

To have the Films Committee visit your Group or District Workshop or other function contact, please send them an email.

The Films Committee's Business Meeting is held:

At 10am preceding the monthly area assembly meeting. Email Chairperson for Virtual meeting information.

Films Chair Adam R.



Area 33 is required to conform to I.R.S. Guidelines in order to preserve our tax-free status under 501(c3). The finance committee thought it would be helpful to provide monthly expense forms to facilitate financial accountability in the event we are ever audited.

Please fill out this form in duplicate and attach your receipt(s) to the form for the Treasurer in support of your request. At Area, give designated forms to Area treasurer and Duplicate to finance Chair. E-MAIL option-The form may also be filled out on your computer and e-mailed to the treasurer along w/ a scanned copy of your receipt at the below address. Please cc the Finance Chair.

The Finance Committee's Business Meeting is held:

Area Assembly each month at 11:15 AM

Finance Chair Carlyle W.



Familiarizes AA members with the fellowship's "Meeting in Print" has order forms available and orders displays.
Sells Grapevine magazines, books tapes, and special items.

Collects old Grapevines for distribution in correctional facilities and treatment facilities. Invites members to contribute articles to the Grapevine. Provides a Grapevine Display at AA functions as requested. Encourages groups to elect a Grapevine representative (GVR) who attends the quarterly Statewide Grapevine Committee meeting in Lansing.

Back issues of Grapevine publications are available (50 back issues for $40.00 plus $6.00 postage and handling). Issues can be used for newcomers, corrections and treatment centers. Order from the address below.

P.O. Box 1980
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163-1980

The Grapevine Committee's Business Meeting is held:

No Meeting Times Scheduled
(Email grapevine chair for time and location of meeting)

Grapevine Chair George P.



Displays current AA Conference approved books and pamphlets at the Area Assembly meeting, Area workshops, and other events as requested.

Keeps the Area informed of new publications, literature catalogs and price changes.

The Literature Committee provides display boards for events and tries to encourage people to learn about and read AA literature.

Members may order through the online store at: https// or by calling 212-870-3312 or emailing to place an order

The Literature Committee's Business Meeting is held:

At 10:00 AM before each Area Assembly

Location: 876 Horace Brown Dr., Madison Heights, MI. 48071

Literature Chair Email


March Round Up

The March Round Up is the largest convention in Area 33 and has A.A., Al-Anon & Alateen activities. These include main speakers, panels, workshops, alkathons, dances, and more. Numerous volunteers are needed to work on both the committee and for the weekend.

The March Round Up Committee's Business Meeting is currently being held on Zoom. Click here for more info.

March Round Up Chair Nate P.


Professional Event

This committee works in collaboration with the Public Information Committee, the Cooperation with The Professional Community (CPC) Committee, The Correctional Facilities Committee and the Treatment Facilities Committee to plan and facilitate an annual event for the Professional Community.

Professionals include: doctors, lawyers, judges, clergy, social workers, police, faculty and staff of Colleges and Universities, therapists, counselors, probation officers, etc. All professionals who may come into contact with alcoholics or potential alcoholics are considered.

If you would like to get involved in this event or if you know of any professional(s) who may be interested in attending this event, please contact us.

The Professional Event Committee's Business Meeting is held:


Professional Event Chair: Kristen Quinn


Public Information

This committee informs the general public about the AA Program through the use of media ( TV, Radio, and Press), placement of AA literature, public speaking, participation in programs within the community, schools, businesses, health, and church groups and organizations. Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message to our local communities.

If you would like to volunteer or get more information on the Public Information Committee, please send an email

The Public Information Committee's Business Meeting is held:

Every 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month (before the Area 33 Assembly meeting - see the schedule on this website)

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Place:  875 Horace Brown Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Public Info Chair - Georganne G. -


Treatment Facilities

Brings AA meetings to alcoholics in treatment

The Treatment Facilities Committee strives to further the understanding of what AA does and does not do, and to communicate our goals to hospital and treatment center staff

Coordinates a contact person or temporary sponsors for newly released alcoholic clients. (Bridging the Gap). Interested AA members may join Bridging the Gap by contacting the Committee Chairperson at:

District Treatment Committee Chairpersons wishing to post Treatment Facility Meetings on this location within the Website may do so by submitting it to the Area Treatment Chair at:

The Treatment Facilities Committee's Business Meeting is held: at 10:00 a.m. every month before the Area Assembly Meeting.

Location: 876 Horace Brown Dr , Madison Heights, MI 48071

Treatment Chair Adam C. -



The Area 33 Website was created to provide a useful tool for conveying information about A.A. and Area 33 activities to alcoholics, the general public, and members of the professional community. The website contains information about current events, meetings lists, and committee information just to name a few. For those who are looking to talk to someone in A.A., there are numerous hotline numbers listed. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is available on-line as well as other literature items. It takes several people to keep the website up and running. Website Committee Members do not need to have prior computer experience, just the willingness to learn. Persons with computer experience are always very welcome!

The Website Committee's Business Meeting is held:

At 9:30 AM the Sunday before each Area Assembly

Location: On Zoom 

Website Chair: Robin D.

Website Co-Chair: Shannon H.