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10th Anniversary Celebration

June 1, 1945 Detroit Celebrates 10 Years of AA It was decided by local (Detroit) members of AA that they would put together a celebration to mark the 10th Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous in existence, something they never dreamt of in 1935. There was a big celebration being put together in Cleveland, but every area…

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History of the Windsor Group

The First Windsor Group, the Second Canadian group. In fall 1941 and the spring of 1942 some members from the three existing Detroit groups attempted to get AA started in Windsor with very little success. In the spring of 1943, a guy by the name of Chuck P. could not stay sober and was in…

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There are many myths and urban legends about a non-alcoholic “member” of Alcoholics Anonymous in the metro-Detroit area. We hope this clears up many views. Sarah K., a non-alcoholic, had received one of the earliest copies of the “Big Book” which contained the story of Alcoholics Anonymous in April, 1939; it held the instructions for…

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Archie T’s Open Talk

Ladies and gentlemen, in the words of that great Galilean who lived almost two thousand years ago and whose birth we are commemorating this Christmas Day, “when you are well, you need not a physician. I come here to heal the sick…” And of the channels at his command, He chose as His instruments one…

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H.R. Mike E’s Open Talk

This story that I am about to tell hasn’t changed very much over the years. However, I hope before I leave that I may impart to some man that was inflicted with this same disease as I myself – some ray of hope, some message, some word or some thought, that he too may enjoy…

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