Area 33 Meeting Guide Update

Meeting Information Form

As we update the Meeting Guide App to reflect recent necessary changes to in-person and online meetings, please take this time to help us update your meeting's information. You can skip fields that do not need to be updated.

  • If known
  • For multiple days, please add in "other" field
  • e.g. Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM, Daily 9:30 AM -10:30 AM, etc
  • If meeting in person, make sure "Location Temporarily Closed" is not checked.
  • Details about location, e.g. door in the back of church, in basement, etc.
  • Online Meeting Details

    If this meeting has videoconference information, please enter the full valid URL here. Currently supported providers: Bluejeans, Free Conference, FreeConferenceCall, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, WebEx, Zoho, Zoom. If other details are required, such as a password, they can be included in the Notes field, but a ‘one tap’ experience is ideal. Passwords can be appended to phone numbers using this format +12125551212,,123456789#,,#,,444444#
  • Contact Information

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