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June 1, 1945 Detroit Celebrates 10 Years of AA

The East Group

It was decided by local (Detroit) members of AA that they would put together a celebration to mark the 10th Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous in existence, something they never dreamt of in 1935.

There was a big celebration being put together in Cleveland, but every area big or small would put on its own celebration to mark this milestone. Detroit was to have theirs on June 1, 1945 and it would be held at the East Group location, St Columbia Episcopal Church.

There were approximately 315 people in attendance. Some of the attendees were Archie T. (founder of AA in Detroit), H. R. “Mike” E. (Area 33’s first Delegate), Jim H. (who worked for Mike and founded the Tuesday Morning Group and the South Macomb Group), Dr. Dean M., who was the speaker for the event, Roy M., who was Archie’s first twelfth step and who in turn twelfth stepped Mike E. Wilf W., an early member from Windsor was in attendance also.

The photo taken for this event was done by Jim H. Pictured in the photo to the left is Roy M., Mike’s brother-in-law, which was the man that was Archie’s first twelfth step call. In the center is Archie T. and on the right is Mike E. These men were the first three men to get sober in Detroit. Sad to say, Roy M. was to relapse and die of alcoholism in 1948.


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