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The Finance Committee provides fiscal oversight of the Area 33’s financial situation and consists of the immediate past Area Treasurer, the current Area Treasurer, a Past-Delegate (elected by the Area), and two at-large members (also elected by the Area). It is suggested that the at-large members be free of any other Area 33 commitments. Members of the Finance Committee elect the Committee Chair, and the Chair serves for two years.

This committee is responsible for drafting the annual Area 33 budget, which is presented to the Assembly for review and approval in November of each year. Any request for funds that is not accounted for in the budget, or for money that is over the budgeted amount, must go through the finance committee for a recommendation. The Finance Committee will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the assembly regarding the request, prior to a vote.

See the Finance Chair for the procedure on special budget requests, or contact

Finance Committee meetings generally occur monthly and prior to the Area 33 Assembly. Meeting times are at the discretion of the Committee.

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