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Only You Can Decide…

Hello, and welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous!

Perhaps someone important in your life is telling you that your alcohol consumption is causing problems in the relationship, or simply in your own life? That person may be a spouse, parent, child, employer, or judicial official.

You may or may not agree with their assessment, and that is okay for now. If you think, however slightly, they may be right, we encourage you to read further and decide for yourself.

Below is a list of reading materials that may help you as you decide for yourself whether or not you are Alcoholic.

If you decide that you are Alcoholic, or still aren’t sure, we encourage you to read our Resources for Newcomers or attend a meeting for information on how we can help you recover.

The Big Book and The 12&12

The our program of recovery is detailed the book Alcoholics Anonymous (also referred to as “The Big Book”).

A later volume, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (also referred to as “The 12 & 12”) expands on several topics mentioned only briefly in “The Big Book.”

The below links are provided for those who may need them.

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