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If you are just now realizing that you have a problem with alcohol, and need help getting and staying sober, you’re in the right place. Congratulations! Admitting your powerlessness over alcohol is part of your very first step towards recovery.

Finding Your First Meeting

Establishing contact with other recovering Alcoholics is an essential component of recovery. We encourage you to use our Meeting Finder to locate a nearby meeting that fits into your schedule.

We do our best to keep our Meeting Finder information up to date, but you may occasionally find that a meeting has closed or moved. You may not feel like you have much in common with others at the first few meetings, at least superficially. Each group is autonomous, and meetings develop their own character over time. In either case, we encourage you to keep trying until you find an active meeting (or several) that feels right to you.

Preparing For A Meeting

Below is a list of reading materials that may help you as you prepare to attend your first few A.A. meetings and begin working our program of recovery.

A.A. Literature

The our program of recovery is detailed the book Alcoholics Anonymous (also referred to as “The Big Book”). A later volume, commonly referred to as “The 12 & 12”, expands on several topics mentioned only briefly in “The Big Book.”

The below links are provided for those who may need them.

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