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Below is a list of reading materials that many A.A. groups have found helpful as they create or revise their meeting format.

Opening & Closing Readings

Others in the recovery community, including A.A. Areas or Intergroups, have published the below resources that may also be useful to meeting leaders. They are linked below to augment the above ( texts.

Many in-person A.A. meetings keep a library of books for use during meetings to inspire sharing. Unfortunately, this practice does not translate to hybrid or virtual meetings.

Please see below for our virtual library…

The Big Book and The 12&12

The our program of recovery is detailed the book Alcoholics Anonymous (also referred to as “The Big Book”).

A later volume, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (also referred to as “The 12 & 12”) expands on several topics mentioned only briefly in “The Big Book.”

The below links are provided for those who may need them.

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